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Our Cash plan gives subscribers access to hospitalisation for all illnesses cover up to ₦100,000 for hospital bills, accidental death cover up to ₦80,000 in the event of an unforeseen death, health screening, diet plans and health loans; for the low price of ₦700 per month.
Cash Plan

What to do when you need it

Step-by-step process

Activate a plan
To access the coverage, you'll need to buy a plan. You can buy online, or send us a message on WhatsApp. We have a plan for any preference: individual or family
Prepare medical report & expense receipts
While on admission, keep your receipts. After discharge, put together your medical report and valid expense receipts from the period of your hospitalization for verification.
Call us after discharge
Call us when you have all your documents ready and we will verify your claims within 24 hours.
Claim Verification and Payment
Once your claims are verified, provide your account details and you will get your cash back immediately.
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Affordable package to meet all your health care needs.

Wellahealth’s Cash Plan gives you access to malaria tests and drugs, cash payment for hospital expenses, cash payment in cases of accidental death, and so much more.